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The Fightin' First Enlistment Application
If the mailer doesn't work, E-mail this information to

Preferred Name:
Favorite Weapon (It has to be a GI weapon from World War II. Not necessarily from the game):
Your Email:
ICQ #:
Position Request:
Rate Yourself:  Newbie Fair Average Good Veteran
Do you own a copy of WW2 GI?  Yes No

    Please note that just because you request a certain position, that posistion will not be handed to you on a silver platter. The position may already be taken, or based on your answers, you may not be suitable for a leader position. Also, the link for ICQ is on the front page. Just download it because ICQ is a requirement. THEN, after you installed ICQ, fill out this application form. Also, I will harass you about a World War Two picture when you join, so the best thing to send the pic you want after you fill out the form. E-Mail it to Captain Murphy.